Microblog of the Year on Tumblr

Some ideas take more than 140 characters and a lot of multimedia to express themselves. Microblogs on platforms such as Tumblr have flourished over the past year enabling a entirely new class of creativity on the web by allowing creators to quickly share images, thoughts, quotes and videos. This award recognizes those who have used a microblogging platform in a unique, impactful and interesting way to the delight of its audience.

“The Daily What” is Tumblr blog that specializes in posting Internet news and pop culture. One of the most well-followed blogs on Tumblr, the site posts a variety of content, from humorous cat photos and viral videos to updates on protests in the Middle East. The blog posts dozens of times daily with the goal to only publish the most interesting material. While TDW is owned by the Cheezburger Network, which runs several blog sites, including “FAILBlog” and “I Can Has Cheezburger”, it is written, edited, and operated solely by its founding editor Neetzan Zimmerman.


Garfield Minus Garfield

“Garfield minus Garfield” is a blog created by Irish tech manager Dan Walsh. His blog removes Garfield the cat from Jim Davis’ original Garfield comic strips, leaving the cat’s owner, John Arbuckle, talking to himself in an existential twist. The “Garfield minus Garfield” blog, which started in early 2008, publishes new comic strips on a regular basis. Walsh’s comic has been written about in the New York Times and Washington Post, and was published alongside the originals as a book. Davis has embraced the cartoon, calling it “fascinating.”

Let’s Be Freaks

The “Let’s Be Freaks” Tumblr blog is run by 22-year-old Hayley Williams, best known as the lead singer and keyboardist for the alternative rock band Paramore. Williams’ Tumblr blog “Let’s Be Freaks” has posts about everything that inspires her, both musically and in her everyday life. Subjects include fashion, music, and the charities that she supports. She also shares updates on the band, tour photos, and new music, bringing her young fans closer to the action. Last year Williams was a #music Shorty Award finalist.


“Soup” is a news-focused Tumblr blog run by Reuters Media marketing specialist Anthony De Rosa. According Compete.com, Soup ranked as one of the 25 most popular Tumblr blogs in December 2010. The blog posts a wide range of news, from sports and entertainment to international news. The blog doesn’t aim to break news, but compile and present the best stories on the Web. Prior to launching Soup, De Rosa founded several other blogs, including HotfootBlog.com and Neighborhoodr.com. In 2008, Mashable named Soup one of the best Tumblr blogs.

STFU Parents

“STFU, Parents” is a Tumblr blog run by a 28-year-old Brooklyn woman who identifies herself only as “B.” Her blog posts screenshots of Facebook status updates from overzealous, overenthusiastic parents, with the identifying information blocked out. The updates often involve sharing private information about their children, and dwelling on how being a parent is the hardest job in the world. B’s comments on the screenshots poke fun at Facebook-obsessed upper-middle-class mommy culture. This blog received a large number of Shorty Award nominations, driven by a dedicated campaign. One voter wrote, “She really takes the time to enhance each submission with her hysterical writing skills.”

Unhappy Hipsters

“Unhappy Hipsters” is a blog that pokes fun at hipsters using images of minimalist design and architecture from magazines. The blog, whose creators wish to remain anonymous, posts pictures from publications such as Dwell with made-up captions that satirize young and rich hipsters, and their choices for decor. Often looking unintentionally forlorn, the photo subjects are given new, humorous context. The blog, which accepts reader submissions and operates a Twitter account, has the tagline “It’s lonely in the modern world.”

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