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Latest nominations for maureenjohnson

Ellen Lee
Ellen Lee I endorse @maureenjohnson in the Shorty category #weird because if she doesn't get it, it'd mean the end of everything.
Juliet Hardwicke
Juliet Hardwicke I endorse @maureenjohnson in the Shorty category #weird because she's a beast.
Darla Krusee
Darla Krusee [email protected], MOST EXCELLENT Weird representation by @rcbeiler @shortyawards. Best insomniatic read of timelines in ages! #DarthMJ
Jason L
Jason L @maureenjohnson That you were cheated of a Shorty award and #darthmj should have crushed them all with the force.
Maggie Cochran
Maggie Cochran How is Shorty Awards not a TT? And just saying: @maureenjohnson definitely should have won for #weird . #inagoodway
Stacey Should we start tweeting our nominations for @maureenjohnson to win the #2012 #weird #shortyaward? #youwererobbed
Andrea Huff
Andrea Huff Even though @maureenjohnson didn't win the #weird #shortyaward be happy: She can beat Voldemort!
Marcia #Idontunderstandwhy @maureenjohnson didn't win the shorty award :(
Micci A
Micci A Shame on @shortyawards!!!! @maureenjohnson should have won!! She sent #DarthMJ!!
S.E. Beebe
S.E. Beebe I can't even watch the rest of the #shortyawards. if @maureenjohnson and her jars can't win in #weird, than I don't want any part of this.
Fiona Look at #DarthMJ and say that @maureenjohnson isn't the weirdest. - ##shortyawards live on http://livestream....
Heather RT @JeremyWest: Weird #ShortyAward doesn't go to @MaureenJohnson. #furious
Micci A
Micci A This is a disgrace! @maureenjohnson should have won! #weird #shortyawards
Maria D'Isidoro
Maria D'Isidoro Twitter, we must serve @maureenjohnson better for next years #shortyawards. VOTE EVERY DAY!!! #nooneisweirderthanmj
lisa @maureenjohnson maybe the people at the #shortyawards are claustrophobic? #JARSFOREVERYONE
Katie Norman
Katie Norman You have FAILED in your duty to represent the people, @shortyawards . Clearly, #DARTHMJ ( @maureenjohnson ) should have won for #weird.
Michael Weems
Michael Weems Disaster! @maureenjohnson robbed of the shorty award in #weird. :(
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker @maureenjohnson You are my #weird winner for the #shortyawards ! Thank you for being awesome & weird! <3
edi NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO #shortyawards has failed! @maureenjohnson is CLEARLY the QUEEN OF TWITTER! #mjrocks
Jessie Booten
Jessie Booten how fitting that the @shortyawards would break right when @maureenjohnson looses. #sad #sorrydarthmj
jrg1990 Just for the record: @maureenjohnson is weirder than this boy.... #weird #shortyawards
lisa @maureenjohnson was ROBBED at the #shortyawards. ROBBED. they clearly don't know what they're talking about. #mjisthebest #andweirdest
Morgan #Darthmj - Use the Force & TAKE THE AWARD @maureenjohnson - ##shortyawards live on http://livestream....
The Shorty Interview
with maureenjohnson
How do you use Twitter in your professional life?
To connect with readers, and a lot of people who have no idea I'm an author. I also beg for food.
What are some words or phrases you refuse to shorten for brevity?
I never shorten!
Why should we vote for you?
I've never burned an orphan for fuel.
Hashtag you created that you wish everyone used?
How long can you go without a tweet?
I've gone hours at a time. I didn't like it, but I have.
How do you decide what to tweet?
Oh, YOU know. *winks*
What do you wish people would do more of on Twitter?
I'd like to be able to tweet in my sleep. I've almost worked this one out. Is that a good answer?
How will the world change in the next year?
A new pizza will come out, with yet another MYSTERIOUS POCKET for cheese.
What will the world be like 10 years from now?
I think you're grossly overestimating my qualifications. This is called the SHORTY awards, after all.