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Best brand presence on Facebook

Has your brand designed an engaging Facebook presence that lets your customers and the public connect with your product or service? Tell us about ways you've creatively used polls, sweepstakes, exclusive content, status updates and more through your brand's Facebook page.

Overview: Threadless is a community-focused online apparel store operated by the Chicago-based company skinnyCorp. The public can vote on new designs, and the best are sold online. Threadless approaches Facebook and all of its social media channels with the idea that Threadless should be like a friend you enjoy having in your stream: someone funny and interesting with cool stuff to share who likes you back and isn’t necessarily always trying to sell you something. Threadless poses questions to its Facebook fans, encouraging them to engage in conversation through comments. In order to make fans feel like part of the company, Threadless asked Facebook fans judge its office costume contest as well as the company’s pumpkin carving contest. Threadless also runs contest and sweepstakes promotions on Facebook. Public relations agency Attention PR assists Threadless with promotional efforts.

Impact: In 2010, Threadless received 150,000 new “likes” for the brand on Facebook. The retailer also put a customer support tab, made by Parature Inc., on its Facebook page so fans can access FAQ and submit new service-related questions. Company employees field the questions, and monitor key inquiry terms. By late fall 2010, the retailer had 180,000 Facebook fans.

Overview: Carnival Cruise Lines owns 22 ships and operates three- to 16-day cruises in the U.S., Europe, Caribbean, and other destinations worldwide. The company partnered with Buddy Media to launch a Facebook presence for the company, part of a streamlined effort to personalize the cruise vacation planning experience. The goal was to encourage customers to discuss their Carnival Cruises before and after the trips, post questions, and interact with the Carnival Cruising community. In addition to facilitating fan dialogue, the Carnival Facebook page provides details about cruises and vacation experiences, including vacation poll results, videos, and photos of tropical trips, highlights of the crew on the ship, and photos of the ships. Using the “Carnival Magic” tab, fans can view videos, interact with Carnival Crew members, and post feedback, all while sharing their own experiences with Facebook friends. Both Carnival and Buddy Media maintain the Facebook page.

Impact: Carnival Cruise Line’s Facebook page has more than 570,000 fans, and users have posted more than 14,000 photos. The page has also allowed Carnival to showcase Web-based features that their competitors don’t have, including features such as online discussions and videos with crew members.


Bad Girls Club

Overview: Bad Girls Club is an Oxygen Network reality television series now in its sixth season. The show’s Facebook page is a hub of content and conversation for dedicated viewers. Fans can go there to find sneak peaks and bonus footage video clips on a weekly basis, as well as links to cast blogs, photo galleries, fantasy “Bad Girl” battles, custom tabs and apps, and exclusive video shout-outs from the Bad Girls as well as teaser videos of upcoming episodes. In November 2010, Bad Girls Club launched a Facebook-based e-commerce experience in partnership with StyleQ. Fans visiting the boutique could purchase clothing and accessories worn by the cast during the reunion show while remaining in the Facebook environment. For Season 6 promotions around New Year’s Eve 2010, the show launched a “resolution maker” application that allowed fans to share their Bad Girl resolutions with friends on Facebook.

Impact: The Season 6 premiere of Bad Girls Club was Oxygen’s most watched season premiere ever with more than 1.7 million viewers in total. Oxygen was the number one ranked cable entertainment network in the 9 p.m. hour among women 18 to 34, and was number two among all English-language entertainment networks, beating out CBS, FOX, NBC, and the CW. The club boasts more than 2.4 million fans on Facebook.

Hershey’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Overview: In 2010, the Hershey Company enlisted marketing firm Engauge to launch outreach efforts for its Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. The company mapped past fan interactions to help identify consumer preferences that were unique to Reese’s fans. That information was used to create campaigns about new products. Instead of relying on handing out freebies to generate buzz, they gathered product-specific feedback through a new Facebook page that campaigned to brand loyalists. The Hershey Company also leveraged Facebook notes, posts, visuals, and video to thank and reward Reese’s loyalists by declaring Reese’s “a country of its own” and gave fans a virtual flag to wave as proud citizens of “Reese’s Nation.”

Impact: The Reese’s Facebook campaign garnered more than 5 million impressions and 15,000 interactions in 24 hours. After two weeks, it rose to 30 million impressions. Reese’s total monthly interactions grew by over 300%, and garnered over 250,000 total comments and likes, and 118 million total impressions in 2010. It also drove over 1100 user-generated photos. This low cost-high impact approach to social media was so successful that the company is considering it for other Hershey’s brands.

HomeAway’s Clark Griswold

Overview: Austin, Texas-based HomeAway Inc., is a vacation rental company with 540,000 rental home listings in 120 countries. In 2010, the company worked with ad agency Publicis Seattle to increase Americans’ understanding of “vacation rentals.” The agency resurrected the Griswolds, a fictional family in the National Lampoon Vacation series of films played by actors Beverly D’Angelo and Chevy Chase. Publicis created a short online film called Hotel Hell Vacation with Chase and D’Angelo reprising the roles they made famous. The Griswolds go to a hotel, have a ridiculously horrible experience, and come to the realization that they should have just stayed in a vacation home. During the 2010 Super Bowl, the company aired a trailer for the film. In the month before the film’s online launch, the character Clark Griswold began “posting” to his Facebook page. HomeAway staff members post pictures of villa and home rentals, encouraging renters and rental owners to do the same. Questions such as “What is your favorite vacation rental company?” on the page tend to generate numerous responses.

Impact: Clark Griswold’s Facebook page has received over 123,400 “likes.” In the first 24 hours after its Super Bowl spot, had 4.4 million page views, a 3,000% increase in traffic for the site, and 85% of the visitors were new visitors. By the third week, rental inquiries were up 500%, and by the end of the campaign they had received $5 million in earned media.

Viking Range’s Facebook Stories

Overview: Viking Range Corporation, headquartered in Greenwood, Mississippi, sells high-end kitchen appliances, accessories, and cutlery, such as refrigerators, stoves, and barbecues. The company uses Facebook to build a growing community of foodies, chefs, designers and appliance dealers. The company shares recipes, addresses service issues, and offers special rebates and giveaways to its Facebook family. The company also creates and maintains community discussions on Facebook with fans and partners. It has launched a series of videos, photos, and recipe gallery known as “Facebook Stories,” inviting fans to contribute their own stories.

Impact: Viking Range’s Facebook page has more than 145,000 fans and each post quickly generates “likes” and comments. For example, one photo posted by Viking generated 24 likes and 18 comments in 15 minutes.

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