Introducing the Shorty Industry Awards

Best use of Twitter or Facebook for e-commerce

Did you use Twitter or Facebook to improve your e-commerce website? Were you able to use discounts, coupons and more through these social channels to drive traffic to your products?

Overview: Benefit Cosmetics, a global beauty brand based in San Francisco, uses Twitter and Facebook to encourage customers to review and promote its products. In April 2010, the company deployed a “Ratings & Reviews” application on its Facebook page created by technology company Bazaarvoice, which in social commerce applications. “Ratings & Reviews” lets fans rate and review products, share their own reviews with the Facebook friends and fellow Benefit Cosmetics fans. The application also places the reviews directly in the product page on Benefit Cosmetics’ website. Anyone who reads Benefit reviews on Facebook can click on the “buy now” button for a product, which goes directly to the product page on Benefit’s site. The company also added a Q&A section on its Facebook page so users can get answers to their cosmetics questions.

Impact: Benefit has collected 1,734 reviews submitted via “Ratings & Reviews” for Facebook, and an additional 1,862 reviews submitted through the company’s website. Benefit Cosmetics sees a 10‐times‐higher click‐through rate for the “buy now” button on Facebook than the average online ad. Benefit has more than 174,000 “likes” on Facebook and 32,000 followers on Twitter.



Overview: Fidipidi is a Facebook application developed by the Chicago‐based digital marketing company Acquity Group in 2010. Fidipidi allows users to create original greeting cards online or on their mobile phone, purchase them, and have them printed out and physically delivered via U.S. Postal Service to recipients. Each card costs $3.99 plus tax and first‐class postage. Each unique card is put into the mail system within 24 hours of the order time. The idea is to offer “hassle‐free thoughtfulness.” The application’s users can modify more than 250 exclusive greeting card templates. The application can be set up to alert users to upcoming Facebook friends’ birthdays, so they can send timely cards. The application also has user reviews and updates from the Fidipidi staff. When the application launched, Fidipidi general manager Don Dolan called it an entirely new way to monetize Facebook, built on the way social media is changing how consumers shop online.

Impact: Fidipidi has over 9,000 fans on Facebook.

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