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Elizabeth Williams
Elizabeth Williams I endorse @baratunde in the Shorty category #humor because...
Roadify @baratunde thanks for checking out our little start up and congrats on the Shorty! #realdeal
Robert Beiler
Robert Beiler Picture of #DarthMJ chilling with FourSquare Mayor of the Year @Baratunde at the @ShortyAwards
Tim Shey
Tim Shey Congrats friend! RT @baratunde Yes!!! I won a Shawty Award: Foursquare Mayor Of The Year! #MayorThurston #shortyawards
Craig Wilson
Craig Wilson @baratunde exhibiting extreme #BLB (boss-like behavior) winning a #Shorty ... Congrats big man!
Lala Lopez
Lala Lopez @baratunde congrats on foursquare mayor of the year, well deserved! #shortyawards #nokiaconnects