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Latest nominations for Amanda Palmer

Taylor Claiborne
Taylor Claiborne I endorse @amandapalmer in the Shorty category #music because... Everything
knittydotcom Listen to the year's most amusing tweets sung by @amandapalmer at the Shorty Awards. Bonus: ukulele! #someswearing #funny
Gaspare J. Marturano
Gaspare J. Marturano Highlight #32 from @shortyawards - I think @amandapalmer spit on me during her performance ;-)
Dani Smith
Dani Smith The Shorty Awards: @amandapalmer plays the year's most amusing tweets. #awesome #funny
Hillary My mom emailed me the @amandapalmer Shorty Awards song, "Have you heard this??!" #ofcourseihave #everythingisrightinmylife
Patrick Waickman
Patrick Waickman 2 things I'm enjoying right now: @amandapalmer and her Shorties song and #nathanfilliontwinefund
Jim Genzano
Jim Genzano Full version of @amandapalmer's tweet song from the Shorty Awards, via the mighty lady herself: song #fb
Dan Speerin
Dan Speerin Is pretty sure @amandapalmer 's performance at the @shortyawards will convert your friends from fb to #twitter
Elisabeth Brubaker
Elisabeth Brubaker Learning about @AmandaPalmer's song at Shorty Awards... #onlyontwitter
Nik Hewitt
Nik Hewitt Watching: @amandapalmer at Shorty Awards 2011: Singing a song made up of tweets - #outstanding
Beaker Meep
Beaker Meep MEEPMEEP MEEP MEEP @amandapalmer! #ShortyAwards #2:22 MEEP MEEPMEEP MEEPMEEP!
Jim Wright
Jim Wright @amandapalmer Saw @neilhimself 's link to your performance at the Shorty's. You have redeemed the ukelele in my mind. #MrazEarWorm
Matthew Browning
Matthew Browning @amandapalmer You ROCKED tonight at the #ShortyAwards if you are around #NHV this Saturday, stop by #HCCT for a song!
Me Myself and I
Me Myself and I RT @ericaswallow: Great performance by @amandapalmer at #shortyawards. #yougogirl
Charlie Todd
Charlie Todd fun times tonight at the @shortyawards. Great song, @amandapalmer-- bummed I didn't get to say hi! #shouldhavegonetotheafterparty
Kate Lee
Kate Lee #astronautsswoon “@amandapalmer: well, at least know who I'm hitting on at the @shortyawards afterparty. #HardForAstronauts.”
Pippin RT @neilhimself: @amandapalmer @shortyawards #HardForAstronauts. That's my girl. G'night.
Ginger Brickhouse
Ginger Brickhouse History, baby! :) RT @amandapalmer: @TheBlogess fuck yes! congratulations on your @shortyaward. actual #winning
Holly Cara Price
Holly Cara Price I endorse @amandapalmer in the Shorty category #music because she's the Twitter Queen! so say we all
Harris Graber
Harris Graber I endorse @Amandapalmer in the Shorty category #music because...she makes better use of twitter than anyone I know.
Clark Dever
Clark Dever RT @ericaswallow: Great performance by @amandapalmer at #shortyawards. #yougogirl
Amber Rampino
Amber Rampino RT @ericaswallow: Great performance by @amandapalmer at #shortyawards. #yougogirl