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The Shorty Interview
with Tessa
What's your favorite Twitter app?
TwitBird Premium
Who do you wish had a Twitter feed but doesn't?
Alex O'Loughlin, but only if he really wanted to be on twitter.
Have you ever unfollowed someone? Who and why?
Spammers, MLM, Get rich quick, or any one creepy or weird : )
Terms you wish would start trending on Twitter right now?
What's the most interesting connection you've made through Twitter?
Have talked to a few of my favorite actors/actresses.
Hashtag you created that you wish everyone used?
Ever get called out for tweeting too much?
Not yet : )
140 characters of advice for a new user?
Don't use lmao, rofl, lmbo, lol etc. Seems like an old-fashioned way to say you are laughing.
How long can you go without a tweet?
A full weekend, but then catching up is rough.
Why'd you start tweeting?
Was looking for a single source for entertainment content
Has Twitter changed your life? If yes, how?
It has tried to devour large chunks of it, but I won't let it.