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Kaitlin :D
Kaitlin :D OH YEAH!!! yay! :D ... The dark lord won. ;) RT: @Shorty Awards Congratulations to @Lord_Voldemort7 for winning the Shorty Award in #Humor
shevron #nfb @shorty
Krystal Benjamin
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Cris Encarnacion
Cris Encarnacion Jajaja esa no es mi linea perome tripea! Mete El Mejor Producto el @Shorty #BoomShortyRT @Studios1A: @DrKrrhi dejate llevarrrrrr!!! Hehhehe
chardon whitehurst
chardon whitehurst I would holla @shorty but she got belly like me n the only thing we be 4 is to rub each other stomach after a good meal im full u baby #HDTV
Daniel Desira
Daniel Desira @shorty Firefox sometimes uses more memory than it should. Try one of these easy fixes #fxhelp
Presilia Ester
Presilia Ester RT @KamarSolusi: Don't be the PERFECT one, be the RIGHT one! @shorty award #author
Chrissy Lazar
Chrissy Lazar I heard a little birdy.. @shorty award nomination for #FF. I am humbled and honored. i will represent all #FF in the spirit of friendship.
Bas Winterink
Bas Winterink Eten met de kids @shorty's #lekkeretrek #lekkereloungemuziekvan buddhabar
Yasmin RT @Mopzey: #FF @Shorty @Yazziebizzle @BobiiLewis @GreySyntax @dreamdubstep
Bobii Lewis
Bobii Lewis RT @Mopzey: #FF @Shorty @Yazziebizzle @BobiiLewis @GreySyntax @dreamdubstep
mattgarner @Shorty Fuck waking up to that every morning #Skins
mattgarner @Shorty LOL, I can actually see you doing that #joyofteensex
John DuckworthBBK
John DuckworthBBK Yeah, skepta on Channel 4 was a moesh. @Shorty #ShortyVibe Sickkk
Lola boa
Lola boa en la audición de mi cosha hermosa @shorty #quebellocanta esta mujer.
swarren08 Just joined @shorty in #blackops
A. Allen
A. Allen Its wats y'all wanted..Now here it go!! #ThirstyThurdays #CollegeNight @Shorty'sUltraLounge $3 dollars all night... 2-3-11
mattgarner @Shorty TWITTERRRRR #BlackOps