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Amy Wood WSPA TV CW - South Carolina based Interactive Anchor WSPA News Channel 7 & WYCW's News Channel 7 at 10 Tweet me and see your comments on TV :)
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Marie Journey

Marie Journey

Love social media, video, vlogging, & a geek for SEO, Data, & optimization! Working for SAP as a Social Recruiter for their Talent Team.
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Chris Cato

Chris Cato

Chris Cato is a news anchor/reporter for WSPA. He has a beautiful wife , two dogs, and a deep love of Crimson Tide football. Life is good.
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Becky Pittman

Becky Pittman

Social Media Outreach Director & Biz Analyst. Focus on veterans employment, compliance & project coordination. Nonprofit arts leader/advocate, Army vet, writer
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