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Amy Bieber ♥ I endorse @amygaetto in the Shorty category #innovation because... She is a kind person
The Shorty Interview
with Amy Bieber ♥
What's your best tweet?
You dont have to like Justin Bieber, but you'd be a fool to deny the kids got talent!
What are six things you could never do without?
Justin Bieber, My laptop, My Ipod touch, My parents, God and Friends
How do you use Twitter in your professional life?
Well i use twitter to meet new people, check up on celebrities, and share interests, inspirations, and funny stories i guess :)
What's your favorite Twitter app?
It would have to be Twit Pic, as you get to share pictures that you want to share.
Twitter or Facebook?
I will have to say twitter, you'll meet so many people who share the same interests as you, it may seem hard but you'll get there in the end.
What was the funniest trend you've seen?
What feature should Twitter add?
Twitter should not allow people to spam so much, all people usually thing of is the followers, i know because i was like that myself.
Is there someone you want to follow you who doesn't already? If so, who?
Yes i would love @justinbieber or @LittlecBeadles to follow me, but not because they are famous, its for who they are.
Have you ever unfollowed someone? Who and why?
Well i have unfollowed someone, I dont want to mention names but she was spamming my timeline saying go and follow _______ for a DM to justin
Why should we vote for you?
I'm a kind and caring person who will always be here for anyone who needs me, im open to talk to and a good listener.
Terms you wish would start trending on Twitter right now?
#NeverSayNever, #IBelievethat, #Don'tGiveUp
How do you make your tweets unique?
I just make it my own, or add a smiley face :D
What inspires you to tweet?
Justin Bieber
Ever get called out for tweeting too much?
Not really because i only tweet things which inspire me, and which do not insult or put other people down in any way.
140 characters of advice for a new user?
Just be yourself, don't change for anybody. Also twitter isnt about who is and isnt following you, just be happy with what you have.
How long can you go without a tweet?
I can usually go from 1 to 2 days without tweeting, but it doesn't take me long to find something interesting to tweet.
What question are we not asking here that we should?
Who is your greatest inspiration?
How do you imagine Twitter changing?
Well i see many more people joining twitter, and also hopefully tweeting what they enjoy and focusing less on the followers
Who do you admire most for his or her use of Twitter?
He encourages fans to believe in their dreams and to never give up, he is also my favourite celebrity so i love checking on what he is up to
Who is the funniest person on Twitter that you follow?
What is one of the biggest misconceptions of Twitter?
People only care about followers and not about anything else so they spam timelines in order to get them when the have over 10,000 already!
Why should people follow you?
People should follow me because I'm a kind person, I would be there for those who need help, advice or someone to talk to.
Can you name some one-of-a-kind Twitter accounts that you follow?
@LittleCBeadles, @JustinBieber, @Cameron_Beadles @GodsGirl8494
How do you decide what to tweet?
Well i just tweet what inspires me really, or retweet other inspiring things.
Why'd you start tweeting?
I start tweeting as i want to meet new people with the same interests as me, also to inspire people.
Has Twitter changed your life? If yes, how?
Yes it has, Its made me realize that there are so many people out there who share the same interests as me.
What do you wish people would do more of on Twitter?
I wish people would just tweet what they want and not just focus on followers.
What will the world be like 10 years from now?
Hopefully a better place, where everyone can just get along for once with no wars, also with new and better ways to help the environment.